All Weather Wicker Patio Furniture: What is Resin Wicker?

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You might be surprised to learn that all weather wicker and resin wicker are one in the same. You may also be surprised to learn that while resin wicker looks like “natural wicker” it is in fact made from a synthetic material. Even more surprising yet, unknown to much of the population, wicker does not refer to the material used but rather the weaving itself. So, what other surprises does wicker hold? Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions about wicker.

Where does the word “wicker” stem from?

The word wicker comes from a Scandinavian word “Wika” meaning “to bend”.

What was wicker originally made out of?

Wicker was originally made out of natural materials such as fibers and rattan. Rattan is known for its elastic tendencies and comes from a vine-like tree called Rotan. Because of its elasticity, rattan is the most popular material found in old wicker baskets, hampers and chairs.

Why is natural wicker uncommon today?

Real wicker is not as resilient as polyethylene, the plastic that is most commonly used to make resin wicker. While polyethylene is extremely durable and requires little maintenance, natural wicker becomes dry and brittle overtime. Natural wicker would not survive long term in harsh weather such as rain and direct sunlight. Natural wicker can still be found today but only for indoor purposes.

How weather resistant is resin wicker?

Resin wicker is extremely weather resistant and can handle all types of harsh elements. Polyethylene fibers are not only resistant against the suns harsh UV rays but also humidity and water as well. Worried about fading color? The color is added during production and actually becomes a part of the fiber. Worrying about chipped or faded paint will not be an issue.

Is resin wicker as comfortable as wicker made from natural materials?

Resin wicker is just as comfortable, if not more, as wicker made from natural materials. As mentioned before, it is very elastic and sturdy. It is this combination that gives all weather wicker patio furniture its reputation. 

 Is resin wicker hard to clean? 

No, resin wicker is one of the easiest patio furniture materials to clean! For more information on how to clean different types of patio furniture, click here.


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