Cleaning Your Outdoor Furniture


Before you haul your dingy patio furniture to the curb, try cleaning it using these common household cleaners.


Wicker can be tricky to clean because the woven fibers create crevices where dirt can accumulate.

  1. Using a soft brush, scrub with a mild oil-based soap.
  2. Rinse the wicker with a hose.
  3. Hose down every few weeks to keep clean.


  1. With a dampened cloth, wipe the furniture with mild dish detergent.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. To remove scuff marks, use a multipurpose bathroom cleaner and rinse clean.


There are few things less welcoming than soiled and discolored outdoor cushions.

  1. Create a solution of one-quarter cup of clear liquid detergent per gallon of lukewarm water.
  2. Sponge the detergent thoroughly into the cushion.
  3. Rinse with a garden hose.


In particularly hot and humid climates, teak furniture can suffer from mildew growth.

  1. Sponge on a solution of one cup of ammonia, a half-cup of white vinegar, one-quarter cup of baking soda and one gallon of water.
  2. Keep white vinegar in a spray bottle to spot clean any small mildew stains.

Wrought Iron

  1. Wipe clean with a dampened cloth and a mild dish detergent.
  2. Rinse with a hose.


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Modular Seating for Your Patio

Modular Seating for Your Patio

When furnishing your patio, the choices can be overwhelming. Should you go wicker or aluminum? How much seating do you really need? These decisions don’t have to take the fun out of your patio. Modular seating is a fantastic new trend that offers customization and beauty all in one piece of furniture.

Why Go Modular?

Modular seating is a style of furniture that is composed of multiple units and is flexible to fit your tastes. While individual seating can really limit your design options as well as the amount of seating available on your patio, modular seating offers extra space that you can customize according to your design preferences. Depending on your needs, you can create an L-shaped sofa, a crescent bench or a few small loveseats.

Modular seating also comes in multiple materials and finishes that can fit any design taste such as wicker, aluminum or even wrought iron.

Great Modular Lines

As you search for the perfect modular seating for your patio, you’re sure to come across numerous furniture lines that vary in quality. A great way to ensure you get the best of the best in modular furniture is to come to All American Pool and Patio. No matter your budget, you can find the highest quality furniture lines on the market in All American’s showroom.

If you’re looking for seating with a romantic touch, consider the Belle Epoque Crescent Deep Seating Collection. Aluminum frames make this line easy to clean and the intricate detailing provides a vintage feel.

For something more modern, check out the Park Place Modular Seating Collection. Clean angles make these pieces a chic and luxurious choice for your patio or pool deck.

Searching for an eclectic and fun way to spice up your patio? The Kenzo Crescent Seating line offers comfort and intimacy with its curved design. This collection is available in many different color palettes and is perfect for entertaining.

Sprucing It Up

Just placing furniture will only get you halfway to a gorgeous patio. You still need to liven up your outdoor space with color and décor. Most modular furniture lines are available in multiple colors so you can customize your setup to your tastes. However, most furniture could still use a little color pick-me-up.

Pair your new seating with bold pillows and cushions in patterns and bright colors. Alternatively, use a contrasting-colored ottoman or bench to brighten up your patio. Plants, fire pits, rugs and decorative pieces can also complement your new furniture and make your outdoor area more visually appealing.

Creating a beautiful outdoor oasis doesn’t need to be hard. Discover your next patio masterpiece at All American Pool and Patio. For more information on how to transform your patio, call 1-877-930-7070 or contact us online.

The Key to a Perfect Outdoor Party

The Key to a Perfect

Summer may be almost over but there’s still plenty of sunlight and the cool, fall breeze to enjoy. There’s no better way to celebrate the lovely weather than with an outdoor party or event.

One of the keys to throwing an amazing outdoor party is having comfortable patio furniture that lends itself well to gatherings. All American Pool & Patio has some great recommendations for outdoor furniture that will enhance any outdoor occasion.

Outdoor Party Essentials

  • Patio Dining Table – One of the core pieces of all outdoor functions is a deck or patio dining table. All American provides four outdoor dining sets in exciting styles and materials to complement the theme of any outdoor area and will allow your guests to rest in comfort and enjoy the conversation round the dinner table with you and other guests.
  • Patio Cushions – Rest easy and in comfort with All American’s outdoor cushions. Our outdoor cushions come in a bright array of colors and styles to fit the aesthetics of your outdoor furniture without sacrificing quality or comfort.
  • Bar Stools and Tables – If you’re aiming for a swanky cocktail feel for your event, All American has you covered. Our wide selection of bar stools and tables come in a variety of unique styles and colors with optional sling, cushion and strap collections.
  • Modular Seating – Give your patio an upscale, outdoor bar and restaurant feel with All American’s modular seating furniture. Our modular seating patio options are praised for their ability to be rearranged into the configuration of your choosing, giving you the ability to make the most of any social gathering. Modular seating is perfect for cozily wrapping around a fire pit to keep you and your guests warm on a cool fall night.
  • Patio Umbrellas – Although the sun’s intensity is beginning to dim around this time of year, it’s still important to provide ample shade from harmful UV rays if you’re hosting a daytime event. All American has you literally covered with a variety of unique patio umbrella styles, including umbrella light hybrids and cantilever umbrellas to suit your shading needs.
  • Patio Bar – No happy hour or home cocktail event is complete without your own personal bar. All American provides complete bar sets at affordable prices to help your outdoor space exude a classy outdoor bar atmosphere. Our bar sets are available in both cushion and sling with resin wicker and wrought iron styles.
  • Patio Accessories – Complement your outdoor patio or event with serving accessories from All American. Our beautifully designed serving trolleys are the perfect addition to any outdoor shindig, adding some much needed flair and pizzazz to the event. We also provide lovely planters and wall art to accentuate your outdoor function and enamor your guests.
  • Café/Bistro Furniture – If you’re looking to create a quaint café or bistro type of atmosphere, All American has the perfect furniture to bring your patio café to life. Gather your friends close around our petite café/bistro table and catch up on old times in comfort.

Make Your Outdoor Party Memorable with All American Pool & Patio

Contact All American Pool & Patio today to purchase outdoor furniture that will make your event memorable. Our staff are experts on the functions and capabilities of all our outdoor furniture and accessories and can help you pick the right furniture for your particular function or party’s theme and purpose

Which Firepit is Right for Your Home and Décor?

GraceCushion_2_BeautyThere are several factors that go into deciding which firepit option is right for your outdoor living spaces in the Phoenix area. These things range from your landscaping and the hardscaping on which the firepit will sit to the average usage as well as its overall functionality.

Cost is also a factor for many people, but competitively priced doesn’t have to mean lackluster. Some of the most affordable options from All American Outdoor Living are beautifully finished aluminum firepits, which feature elegant designs and additional surface area around the firepit itself for added functionality.

Keep in mind when you’re buying a firepit in the Phoenix area that having the addition of table space around the pit itself can make these beautifully crafted pieces of outdoor furniture useful year-round, even during the months when you probably don’t want the added heat of a fire.

In addition to aluminum options, we’re also proud to offer astonishingly beautiful granite, travertine slate and marble firepit options with round, square and rectangular tops. If you have desert landscaping, like many of the shoppers who visit one of our three convenient locations, you may want to find a firepit top that matches the tone of your gravel or plants.

Our travertine options beautifully match lighter colored hardscape pavers as well as light brown gravel, where our slate options may perfectly complement darker brown, red and grey gravel.

One thing we pride ourselves on at All American Outdoor Living is offering a variety of options, which enables us to ensure every person who walks through our showroom door can find at least a few potential firepit options which they can envision spending countless nights around with the family.

All our firepits are available in three fuel options: natural gas, propane or ethanol. If you already have an outdoor grill or other gas-powered accessories in your backyard you may already have an existing gas line going out there, which makes extending it to a firepit a relatively simple prospect for most plumbers and natural gas service providers.

Installing a gas line in your backyard isn’t always the easiest option, especially for many of our area neighborhoods that sit directly on some of the hardest rocks around. For these people a propane or ethanol firepit may be a more economical approach. You may have to replace the propane tank every so often but you also get to enjoy the convenience of a bit of added mobility, because your pit won’t be anchored to the natural gas line.

Whether you’re just looking for a centerpiece for gatherings of family and friends to sit around during our all-too-brief chilly months or you’re looking for a firepit that doubles as a table for the ultimate in functionality, you can trust you’ll find many beautiful, competitively priced, high-quality options when you visit your nearest All American Outdoor Living.

With convenient Phoenix locations in Scottsdale, Glendale and Chandler, you can rest assured helpful experts with great products and lots of knowledge are standing at the ready just a short drive away to help you pick out the perfect one.

Just stop by or give us a call at 1-877-930-7070 to learn more!

Luxurious Patio Accessories That Elevate Outdoor Entertaining


For people who love to entertain, the patio and its surrounding outdoor setting can make for the ideal backdrop when the weather permits. With some careful planning, homeowners can design a patio and outfit it with furnishings and accessories that complement the setting’s elegance and functionality. When creating and furnishing your luxury patio, be sure to keep the following ideas in mind.

High-Functioning Outdoor Kitchen

If you entertain outdoors on a regular basis, you might think about installing an outdoor kitchen on a portion of your patio. To integrate your kitchen into the patio space, you might consider custom built-ins that can accommodate your cooking appliances (i.e. grill) and counter space for food preparation. The style of your patio can inform the type of design you choose for the space whether you opt for a modern style, traditional, or something more particular like a hacienda or Tuscan villa style. Naturally, you’ll want to choose accessories such like dishes, cushion fabric, and potted plants that enhance your chosen style.


Dining Area

Consider the type of entertaining you do before you outfit your dining space with furnishings. If you generally invite extended family to your home, you might want to opt for a grand outdoor table, one that’s large enough to seat the adults you typically invite to your home. If you, on the other hand, tend to host large events, you might opt for a series of café or bistro sets that encourage guests to mingle and even move from table to table. You can choose elegant table settings for this area of your patio along with table centerpieces like candles, vases, and even oil lamps.


Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is ideal for homes that do a lot of entertaining. It’s often easiest to site the bar near the home so that running water and electricity is less difficult. From small yet swanky to large and elaborate, outdoors bars run the gamut in terms of style and size. You can select one that complements your outdoor kitchen, but also provides a focal point for your outdoor entertainments. When it comes to bar accessories, you can opt for elegant stemware and glassware that match your decorative style.


Patio Furniture

From teak to wrought iron, patio furniture is available in a myriad of styles. You might opt for wicker, wood, or metal in a style that suits your decorative plan. You can create an outdoor family room with outdoor chaise lounges, chairs, and couches that are set out in a fashion that’s conducive to conversation. While the family room style might be fine for smaller gatherings, you may need more seating for larger entertainments. Stools, benches, and functional seating can be made more comfortable with outdoor cushions that can be easily stored when they’re not needed.


Other Considerations

When designing and decorating your patio, don’t forget to think about how to shade your guests during daylight events. You might want to include a pergola or gazebo in your plans. For night-time entertaining, you’ll need to infuse light onto your patio so your guests will be safe walking about. You can accessorize the space with gorgeous outdoor lighting fixtures that are both durable and functional. Finally, consider adding an elegant focal point to your setting like a fountain or outdoor fireplace.


Once you create your ideal outdoor setting, you’ll love entertaining outdoors where your guests can enjoy the outdoor climate in a beautiful setting. Keep these considerations in mind as you plan your patio and shop for outdoor furnishings.

Easy Ways to Maintain Your Fire Pit

If you want to expand your outdoor living space and make it comfortable when the weather turns cold, adding a fire pit to the back yard is a great way to do just that. There is nothing like sitting around a fire pit telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows to bring the family together. Once it is in place, the fire pit will quickly become the focal point of your outdoor living space. When properly installed and well maintained, the fire pit will be both enjoyable and safe to use. Proper maintenance is the key to continued safety, so take the time to learn the proper techniques. Below are some easy ways to keep your fire pit in great shape.


Perhaps the most important maintenance tip is to make sure the fire is out before you leave the pit. Do not leave the area until the fire has burned out completely and the ashes are cool. Hot embers can still spark a fire, so always put safety first. Once the fire is out and the ashes have cooled sufficiently, you can clean the fire pit and get it ready for the next use. Cleaning the fire pit thoroughly after each use is the best way to keep it looking and running like new. It is recommend to wait a day after use, before cleaning your fire pit. It is very important you wait until the fire pit is completely cooled before cleaning.


Use an angled broom to seep the interior of the fire pit. Sweep in the same direction instead of moving the broom back and forth – this will keep the ash from being moved around and make cleanup easier. Use a dust pan to remove the accumulated ash and dispose of it properly. Again, make sure the ash is completely cooled off before disposing of it. Once the interior of the fire pit has been swept and the ash safely removed, you may also take a damp rag and wipe out any access ash that is remaining in the bowl. You want to eliminate any soot build up or any food debris; these can clog burners and cause stains to your bowl.


Check the perimeter of the fire pit carefully and make sure there is no debris that could spark and catch fire. Remove branches, leaves and other potentially flammable materials until you have a clear space at least 10 feet in diameter. Make sure to re-check the perimeter before using the fire pit again.

If your fire pit is made of decorative concrete pavers, you will need to seal them to prevent premature wear and tear. Apply a thin coat of stone or concrete sealant to the fire pit, making sure to use a product designed to withstand high heat. You may need to reseal the pavers from time to time – just check for wear each time you use the fire pit and reapply the sealant as needed.


For further protection from the outside elements, a patio grade cover is durable, breathable and water resistant. Maintaining the fire pit the right way can extend its lifetime and make it safer to use.

Décor Tips for a Welcoming Front Porch to Ring in the New Year

With the holiday’s right around the corner, it’s a great time to plan some festive decorating projects. You can create an inviting front porch setting that is both welcoming and decked out for the holiday season. The following ideas can inspire you to decorate your front porch with a dramatic new look that is sure to help you ring in the New Year.


Restyle Your Seating

If you have a bench, chairs, or small café-style table and chairs on your front porch, be sure to add some holiday-inspired cushions to your seating. Even solid colors like red or green will infuse your front porch with holiday color. Changing your cushions seasonally helps you reduce their wear and tear while complementing your home’s exterior décor.


Dramatic Garlands

Simple garlands of evergreen can add visual interest to your front porch railings and door all winter long. However, you might want to enhance your garland with tinsel, red tassels, or gold ornaments to celebrate the New Year. For a more rustic garland, you can add pine cones along with dried red berries.


Light It Up

A great lighting display will help you to create a beautiful and welcoming front porch that will enhance the exterior of your home throughout the holiday season. You can add lights to outdoor garlands, wreaths, banisters, columns, or throughout your entire porch area for a stunning effect. While white lights will complement any type of home, you might prefer colored lights for a more whimsical effect.


Holiday Planters

Your planters can make a great display when you fill them with holiday plants like poinsettias, but they’ll also transform your front porch when you deck them out with some creative ideas. You can fill your front porch planters with small Christmas trees festooned with ribbon and bows along with other trimmings that will hold up to the weather. For something unique, pile some wrapped presents atop your planters or window boxes for a fun holiday look.


Metallic Touches

Accessorizing your front porch with metallic props is perfect for New Year’s decorating. Fill a large silver pail with logs strewn with holly. Hang over-sized ornaments from your porch roof. Add some bright gold or bronze planters beside your door filled with dried plants that complement your decorative plan.


Let It Snow

Even if you live in a hot climate, there’s nothing wrong with transforming your porch with an elegant snowflake display. White and silver are timeless winter colors that will add a beautiful touch to your New Year’s exterior display. From enhancing white wreaths and holiday trees to decorative snowflakes you hang throughout your porch, you can achieve a dazzling winter setting that you can even leave up long after New Year’s Day.


Decorating for New Year’s starts with your front porch. A great outdoor display will set the perfect tone for holiday celebrating as you welcome guests to your home. Keep these ideas in mind as you decorate your home for the upcoming holidays.


Weather Proof Your Patio Furniture

Adding a patio to your home is one of the best ways to expand your living space without breaking the bank. Putting an addition on your home could cost tens of thousands of dollars, but a high quality patio will cost only a fraction of that price. Although you are spending less, you are still making an investment, one that will add equity to your home.


When creating an outdoor living space, you will want to outfit your patio with a hot tub, a high end grill or just a quality furniture set to complete the space. It is important you take steps to protect your purchase so you can maximize its use. With the right care, a quality patio furniture set can last for many years, but if you neglect it those pieces could start to show their age after just a year or two.


First, make sure to regularly clean your furniture during the summer months. Wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining. Lay a towel down after getting out of the pool to avoid transferring left over tanning oil or sunblock. Keep your furniture out of the sun for prolonged periods of time. Also, apply a sealant to the wood to protect the stain color from sun damage.


One of the best things you can do to prepare your patio furniture for the long winter season is to give it a deep cleaning prior to storing it. Start by wiping the wood down with a quality furniture polish to remove dust and built-up dirt. Polish the wood carefully until all dirt has been removed, then apply a sealant to protect the wood from moisture. Even if you store your patio furniture indoors, moisture can still build up. Applying a protective coating can prevent serious wood damage later.


After the patio furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, you will need to store it properly. If you have a shed on your property, now is the time to clear out space and store your furniture. If you do not have a storage shed, you might consider buying one to store the furniture. Patio furniture will last much longer if it is stored out of the elements. If you do not have a way to store your patio furniture indoors, invest in a quality patio cover to provide protection from ice and snow. Patio covers should be tight fitting, durable, water resistant, and made from high quality acrylic, and nylon fibers. Be sure to remove any upholstered cushions and store them indoors, since excess moisture could damage them, making them unusable.


Taking time to protect your patio furniture from the seasonal elements and harsh winter weather will allow you to enjoy it once the weather permits. With the right care, your patio furniture will last for many years.

Classy Designs for Dinner on the Patio

You can revamp your patio to create a gorgeous outdoor dining space that is sure to complement any meal. When the weather cooperates, there’s nowhere more pleasant to dine than out on your patio that has been designed to exude relaxing ambiance. With the following ideas, you can create an attractive outdoor dining room on your patio that is ideal for entertaining or just enjoying daily meals with your family.

patio table set Scottsdale AZ

The Table

Your outdoor dining table is naturally going to be a focal point for your patio. Consider how many you need to seat on a regular basis. Then, you’ll want to consider shape. You’ll find many options including rectangular, circular, and oval table designs. Keep in mind the style of your patio; you might want to opt for a rustic set or something so formal and sumptuous it could almost work indoors!

Heating Element

When evenings begin to cool off your setting, it’s nice to have a outdoor heating feature. A fire pit adds both ambiance and heat to your backyard dining area. Some homeowners prefer to install outdoor fireplaces on their patio. A heating element is another great focal point that can complement the lounge area of your patio. You might even find that it’s enjoyable to dine in view of your fire pit.


Even with a fire pit, you’re probably going to need additional lighting for your patio, depending on the type of ambiance you’re aiming to set. There is a wide array of outdoor fixtures to consider for your backyard setting. If you have a pergola, you can run electricity and install an outdoor lamp for added lighting or decorative lantern from one of the beams. You can create amazing ambiance by simply stringing patio lights above your dining area.

luxury patio accessories Scottsdale AZ

Outdoor Bar

When you’re entertaining company, the outdoor bar is sure to be the most popular feature on your patio. You’ll find that guests will congregate here. You can install a first-rate wet bar outdoors or simply set up a rustic bar with stools near your dining area. Make sure that your bar area also has plenty of lighting so that whoever is tending bar can see exactly what they’re doing. You can also forgo bar stools and simply add a couple bistro sets nearby, which will also provide additional dining space for those larger gatherings.

Other Ideas

For dessert, consider a tea cart with hot teas, coffees, and other after-dinner beverages. Use it to keep by your dining set and keep a chilled bottle nearby. If you often entertain your large extended family, you might consider adding a formal dining set for grownups with some rustic tables and benches for the children in the family. Be sure you opt for cushions that are easy to clean in case of wine or food spills. Additionally, you can tie all your different patio furniture together by choosing cushions in complementary colors and patterns.

Keep these ideas in mind and you can create the outdoor dining space of your dreams. If you love to cook and host company, you’ll find that it’s wonderful to dine outdoors under the stars with all the people you love to be around and All American Fine Outdoor Furnishings has all the accessories and furniture sets you’ll need to pull off a fantastic evening that your guests will remember for seasons to come.

The Perfect Patio Set Based on Your Backyard Tiling

With such a wide array of patio sets and furniture pieces available today, it makes sense to purchase a set that complements your patio hardscape. Whether you’ve installed a brick patio, concrete, or stone pavers, you’ll discover that some types of furniture pair better with certain tiling and paving materials. The following tips can help you choose patio furniture that will give your backyard that wow factor you’re looking for.


A brick patio is a classic design that lends itself well to traditional patio sets. A wrought iron set designed in black, for instance, makes a striking contrast with the brickwork. On the other hand, teak furniture, which has been traditionally used in patio furniture because of its durability and ability to stand up to the elements, is another popular option if you have a brick patio. With its stately air, brick doesn’t pair as well with plastic but it does go well with metal patio furniture.

wrought iron patio furniture on brick tile


Concrete is a popular patio paver that can be designed in so many different ways. Concrete can mimic stone or feature unique designs. Some homeowners score it or give it an acid wash to create an attractive effect. When you have a concrete patio, you can reasonably add any type of furniture you like from wicker lounge sets to wrought iron tables and accessories. In this case, you might consider pairing a particular color with your patio to provide some interesting contrast. If you patio is gray or stone-colored, consider a teak set with bright red cushions or some other attention-getting shade that pairs well with the gray from darker blues or greens to other clean, modern solid colors like black or white.

patio furniture sets on concrete tile


A flagstone patio offers lots of old-world charm that pairs well with wood as well as wrought iron furniture. Flagstone is a unique type of paver because it can be installed in an informal, cottage-style setting as well as more formal and traditional settings. With so many patio sets and furniture items available for outdoor settings today, you’ll be able to complement the decorative style of your patio with no trouble.

outdoor patio furniture on flagstone tile

Clay Tiles

If you are using clay or native clay paving, you might want to choose furnishings that feature Southwestern style. Wood pairs well with clay as does wicker and even resin pieces. When you can’t decide about what type of furniture to choose for your patio, consider the set’s maintenance needs to help you decide.

wicker patio furniture set on clay tile

Mixed Materials

More and more homeowners are opting to create a signature style for their patio using mixed materials and pavers. You can achieve a balanced and eye-catching design for this type of setting when you mix pieces. For instance, you can add mixed metals or mixed wood pieces. You might feature a wicker chaise lounge in one area complemented by a great teak dining set.

Be sure to take a photograph of your patio base before you go shopping for new patio furniture and take accurate measurements. That way, you can more easily decide which pieces might be right for your home and the space you’re working with. Feel free to ask our experts at All American Fine Outdoor Furnishings any questions you have about a patio set’s care needs before you make your selection, and browse thru our myriad of patio sets and accessories that will really make your back patio tiling pop.